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2013년 5월 13일 월요일

initial D Fifth Stage

 'Initial D 5th stage' is 85% completed!

AE86 , FD3S , FC3S

RoadStar , EVO7
Spiral zero
Z33 , S15

Side winder
AE86 , NSX

only not have wing to Takumi's AE86

2013년 5월 3일 금요일

initial D Fifth Stage ─ Ryosuke Takahashi FC3S

GTA SA Initial D Fifth Stage mod [Project]
(GTA SA Initial D 5th stage mod)

Ryosuke Takahashi FC3S

1. RE-Amemiya Front Bumper
2.Carbon bonnet
3.GT Spoiler Wing
4.BBS wheel (bronze)

Enjoy! :D

initial D Fifth Stage ─ Ryuji Ikeda Z350

GTA SA Initial D Fifth Stage mod [Project]
(GTA SA Initial D 5th stage mod)

Ryuji Ikeda Z350

1. Long-nose front bumper
3.Spoiler Wing
4.rear bumper
5.side bumper

Enjoy the pictures!

Drawing car

I drew pictures of a smartphone.
I used the Galaxy Note 2.
Is similar to the feeling and drew on the tablet, the pen pressure.

I'm an aspiring cartoonist.

Kia Motors

Kia Motors

 Chevrolet Motors

My First Post !

Hello Guys :)
this is my first Post.
I wanted to write down a meaningful content. but I will try to start a simple photo.

I finished the first car mod.
The name of the R-ELEGY. :D

Sometimes, it also draws a character.